Followfish – True Taste

28/02/2014 Followfish – True Taste

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lenny / 31/03/2014

Followfish – True Taste

Followfish is the first seafood label that meets the strict regulations by WWF with 100% of their product range. We used the all known children´s fishing game as an icon to illustrate the difference between the principle of catching each tuna by hand instead of the huge trawlers used by the majority of the world´s fishing industry – causing a global overfishing accompanied by insane amounts of by-catch.

Agency: Leagas Delaney Hamburg GmbH
Postproduction&Animation: LIGA01 Computerfilm GmbH
Greenscreen DoP: Lenny

Mobiler Schnittplatz

Für mobile Einsätze am Set habe ich ein MacBook Pro, einen Eizo Referenzmonitor und ein 6TB Raid System. Das Ganze ist in nur zehn Minuten auf- sowie abgebaut und auf Rollen extrem mobil.